Yoga in Sports

Yoga and sports are inseparable, asserts Pullela Gopichand the Dronacharya of Indian badminton. In the days, when the trainers of Olympic medal winners are hardly heard of, Sindhu and her family expressed their gratitude by giving credit to her Guru Shri Pullela Gopichand for the success.

We are glad to recollect the Yoga demonstration on the theme “Yoga in Sports” at St Anthony’s High School, Chennai, where we train the children in Yoga.

In ten days, absolute novices have been trained for this demonstration. It had been a huge learning curve to bring in discipline and co-ordination in a short span of time. Of course, the children are to be appreciated for picking up the practices so soon.


Need to especially mention the timely thought of my co-trainer Shri Vijay Rama Krishnan to revise the demonstration through visualisation in yoganidra. There was significant change in the demonstration and co-ordination among children after the Yoga Nidra revision.

Kudos to Swami Satyananda for introducing this tantric practice as “Yoga Nidra” in a simplified form for the benefit of common man.

Taking to yoga seriously in schools, will help more children excel in sports…

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