The world is changing faster than ever in history… technology, environment, business, relationships, education, health and life-style, culture – you name and it is there. What are you doing to take charge of your life, your world to keep pace with these changes?

Newest models and long drives on high speed cars that are fit and reliable is the latest trend in town. You ensure everything about the car – its maintenance, servicing, oil change, gas, pressure, etc., is in order. What about the body, the only car you have to drive till you breathe your last? Are you aware, of its maintenance and all factors that affect it? Are you doing enough to keep it fit – flexible, strong, enduring and agile?

A choked carburetor releases busts of energy making your ride bumpy even on a smooth road. Are you aware about the energy flow in your system – body and mind, making you oscillate between dull and active, sick and healthy states so often?

Information, data mining and analytics at the finger tips is the in-thing for a fast growing business. What about the untapped information and creative abilities hidden within your mind?

We quickly move from 2G to 3G to 4G to keep pace with the communication in the world around. What about the pace of communication within?

You do not miss a SWOT analysis to have clarity on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the dream project you are working upon. You have perfect plans to work on the weaknesses and threats, while making best use of the opportunities with your strengths. Are you aware of SWAN analysis to gain clarity on YOUR strengths, weaknesses, aspirations and needs? What tools do you deploy to regularly work on your SWAN… Your personal system?

360 degree stake holder analysis involving customers, funding agencies, suppliers, employees, management board, neighbourhood, etc., to ensure best of relationship in your network for sustained growth of your business. What about the relationships back home and in society – your friends, relatives and neighbourhood? Are you doing enough towards these relationships?

Swami Niranjan spiritual head of Bihar School of Yoga says, “We have two ideas of education. One idea is this: books, tables and chairs; and the other idea is this: the Individual, I. We have limited education to books, tables and chairs and we have forgotten the human being that has to study”. Main stream education system has become highly job oriented which can at the best land you a good job. It has failed to make lives happily successful admit educationists. The reasons are many…

Sought after countries become untenable or intolerable; government policies change with every change in government; high paying careers and jobs either become too taxing or lose their sheen; after landing in a job/career, you find that is not your cup of tea; high-trust relationships vanish overnight for umpteen reasons… In the midst of all these changes, the only aspect that travels through the journey is “JUST YOU”. How do you keep yourself strong, flexible, agile and enduring through this journey?

Without YOU or I, there is no YOUR WORLD or MY WORLD… leave alone OUR WORLD.


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