Sometimes life takes you round and round and round and you seem to be heading nowhere… If that is the case, continue reading… Dreams… Goals… Vision… As you set out to Establish a great career, Achieve your goals, and Live your Dream Life… Remember that the Journey to your goal starts with the first step……

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Employability, working in teams, work-life balance, stress, etc., are common challenges faced by employers and employees alike. Week-end and short term personality development programs at the most provide temporary relief, long term benefits always eluding. To be “HAPPILY SUCCESSFUL” on all fronts instead of “Miserably Successful” a long term systematic and systemic intervention is non-negotiable….


The world is changing faster than ever in history… technology, environment, business, relationships, education, health and life-style, culture – you name and it is there. What are you doing to take charge of your life, your world to keep pace with these changes? Newest models and long drives on high speed cars that are fit and…

JUST YOU Plan For Future Rajesh's success

Rajesh, an IIM graduate, coming from a very humble background, earning six digit salary per month, having absolute clarity about where he wants to be in life, 27 years of age, an eligible and smart bachelor, things going quite well… What else does one aspire for? Wouldn’t the parents be happy for having a child…

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