Yoga is an established science. A good yoga program helps one excel by harmonising the physical, vital, mental and emotional persona. It unleashes the creativity and potential within. Our yoga programs for children and adults does just that…

Yoga For Children

“Yoga is fun”, this is the central theme for reaching out Yoga to children.
With games, stories and other activities, learning yoga is an enjoyable experience at Ankur Kshetras. In the midst of all fun… basic human values are also introduced. Our children programs come in two stages:





Yoga For Adults

“Yoga helps me excel”, this is the central theme for our adult programs.
Once you commit to practice daily, our programs help you learn, stay motivated and follow through to evolve your own daily yoga schedule as per your lifestyle and need. Our adult program comes in three stages:

Satyananda Yoga In-School

“I enjoy Yoga”, this is the central theme for our in-school programs.
For children aged 8 to 17, content and pedagogy is structured based on physical, physiological, intellectual and psychological maturity. Stories, games, discussions, etc., are appropriately included along with yogic practices.

JIVA VIGYAN (Life Skills)

WHO defines Life-SKILLS as abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Jiva Vigyan, goes a step further…

It is a comprehensive program which helps one excel on all fronts – personal, social and career and be resourceful. Time-tested ancient Indian sciences like ayurveda, yoga, etc., are tailored to suit modern needs to help one proceed from Personal mastery to Social mastery and Career mastery, to be happily successful (Can one be unhappily successful?).


Ranging from one to six days, JV-Workshops are short term, thematic Life-SKILL programs.

The programs are customized to suit the needs of schools, colleges, and corporate.
Apart from the below JV-Workshops we also tailor-make programs as per needs of our clients.

Arise Awake Turning Point
Uthishta Bharatha Smile-in-Stress
E3 for Success Evolve in Problems


How do I balance and evolve in all the roles I play – personal, social, career, etc. and be “Happily Successful”?

YOU are Unique. Jiva Vigyan programs for adults empowers YOU with proven tools and techniques to find YOUR UNIQUE ANSWER for the above.
Chart your path to be “Happily Successful”

Just You Personal Mastery
Social Mastery Career Mastery


Our JV for Teachers (JVT) program takes Life-SKILLS approach to professionally empower teachers.

JV In-School is a yoga-integrated , curriculum based, structured Life-SKILLS program for classes LKG to 12. With three sessions per week, it is delivered as part of the school time-table.

For Students
For Teachers


Being a sought after yoga trainer or life-skills trainer is not just cool… It is empowering and the in-thing. It is the fast emerging career opportunity providing stable income and a flexible career opportunity.Ankur’s well-researched and intense train the trainer certificate programs in yoga and life-skills, with proven methodology are offered in short and long formats.
These programs are comprehensive with theory and practical sessions, integrated with hands-on projects and internship helping one to be a sought after trainer, ready to take off soon on completion.



CP-SYT – Certified Program in Satyananda Yoga training

ACP-SYT – Advanced Certified Program in Satyananda Yoga training



ACP-JVT – Advanced Certified Program in Jiva-Vigyan training

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