Jiva Vigyan for Prof Dev of Teachers

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already within”, said Swami Vivekananda. The role of a teacher is that of a facilitator in the process of this manifestation.

I am reminded of this dramatic tale from an old Telugu movie… This movie was a great hit and remade in most of other Indian languages… or probably this is one of the remade versions… (Due gratitude to the copyright owners of this video, I took some screen shots of the movie from youtube and added notes…)

This might sound cinematic… but, it is a fact that teachers long for such moments of reunion with their successful students. I have myself felt so when I met some of my teachers. There are many teachers, who can recollect such memorable moments with several of their students.

But… the fact is this number is dwindling. The other day, a teacher lamented she doesn’t find such students today. She also concurred that such inspiring teachers are on the decline.

  • The hustle bustle way of life;
  • teaching as a profession, becoming just another avenue to earn money;
  • lack of space, for those who want to be an inspiration;
  • lack of avenues to manage health, energy and time to balance the responsibilities at home and school and still find time for professional upgradation;
  • lack of training programs, so teachers can evolve to cope with changing times and remain an inspiration;

We can list out never-ending chain of reasons why the student-teacher relationship is on the decline and the burgeoning burden of unemployable students, relationship issues, etc., Lamenting on the above does not solve the problem. The need of the hour is a practical solution…

We at Ankur are offering to schools a solution… a Life-SKILLS program for teachers – JVT (Jiva Vigyan for professional development of teachers).

Mandatory training hours for professional development of teachers is prescribed today by several education boards – state and central. There are many training programs for enhancing professional skills – ICT skills, pedagogical tools and skills, teaching methodologies, multiple intelligence, child psychology, lesson planning and integration with other subjects, reporting, teamwork, etc.,

All these pertain to just one aspect of a teacher – the intellectual aspect. For the intellectual understanding to manifest other facets of the personality should also be upgraded. A teacher needs to have health, energy and mental bandwidth to put the learning into action in their daily routine. By the time they get to their third hour at school, their energy is drained out.JivaVigyan

They also need to be empowered with tools to cope with changing role of a teacher. All technical information and knowledge is available in guides or at the click of a button on the youtube or google. How to move from a knowledge provider to learning enabler?

Their creative and intuitive abilities have to be improved. Teaching the same text book and syllabus for years in succession is not an easy job. They need to find new ways of presenting the same topic, so they remain motivated.

These abilities are at the core of their personality and cannot be enhanced through PPTs and intellectual understanding. They have to be tapped into and nurtured through systematic, consistent, and disciplined action over a longer time period.

Practical methods and tools to tap into and enhance one’s personality in a balanced manner is a pre-requisite for professional enhancement and progression.

We are glad to share that our JVT program is filling this space and teachers are finding it a practical solution to many of their pressing problems.

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