There is lot of info about #Pushkaram or #Kumbhmela that is celebrated in various rivers once every twelve years. There are legends, anecdotes, scientific, astronomic, energy and spiritual reasons behind this important event. Here is the official Government link talking more about Krishna Pushkaram / KumbhMela

Born a Hindu, and with my upbringing and cultural values, I would like to simply follow and believe whatever is said about pushkarams or kumbhmelas in our scriptures and by our Gurus. While many may rub it off as a Hindu religious affair, I see a very logical and practical reason why everyone should take part in this event, and why this ritual is important for people cutting across all barriers.

As modern science is progressing, many scientific facts about ancient Indian rituals are coming to light. But, only when a ritual or practice is alive, can one with scientific temper experiment, experience and try to understand.

Many scientific facts about yoga, ayurveda, vastushastra, etc., have been revealed to modern inquiring scientific minds. So this can be one reason why any traditional practice and ritual need to be followed and passed on to the next generation – Just to keep them alive. (Yes… I agree that not all scriptural facts can be verified scientifically. That is a completely different subject and let us park that discussion aside, for now).

Coming specific to kumbhmela or pushkaram… I look at this as a ritual to re-emphasise and remind ourselves frequently the need to protect and preserve our water bodies.

A very practical reason… When we consider something divine and revere, we tend not to pollute and misuse?

A lot is being talked about water pollution and conservation of water resources to children in school text books. Honestly enquire…

• All those who are polluting our water bodies, have they not studied about the same as part of their education?
• Have they not intellectually understood the importance of water conservation and protection of water bodies?
• Will they, who throw plastic and other waste in water bodies, do the same in their pooja rooms, places of worship or even their homes?

We are psychically tuned to take care of that we truly consider divine and revere. So, our ancestors have developed rituals around all those we are dependent upon, so that we revere and act with gratitude towards them. Be it parents, teachers, elders, siblings, natural resources formed of the five basic elements, animals, etc.,

You name it and there is a ritual or festival or practice done periodically for that. All the traditional practices boil down to the message of gratitude, one world and interdependence. This is also a form of #YOGA – Union. To distinguish it from the hatha yoga aspect as it is normally understood, we at Ankur call it #YOGAPLUS

The event now is, Krishna Pushkaram – and it is time for us to remember the importance of this river, resolve to take care of it while taking the holy dip and act with gratitude towards our water bodies. Needless to re-emphasise that it is done in our own interest.

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