The other day, I was having a casual chat with my mentor and Yoga Guru Sn. Shiva Rishi ji. He was mentioning about Gymnastics being able to do most of the yogic postures better than many yoga gurus. Now it is Olympics time and we all can see how flexible, balanced, strong and at the same time graceful are their movements. Yes, they need to have a very focused and calm state of mind to be able to accomplish such feats. And, it is not uncommon to see people mix up gymnastics and aerobics with yoga these days. Felt, we need to respect and take to each art, if we can call them so… (gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, etc.,) in its pure form, to dive deep into and excel.

The discussion proceeded on the lines why Yoga is different from Gymnastics; the competitive approach to yoga as a sport and over-emphasis on asanas will do more harm to holistic approach to Yoga. Some salient points, I felt it is appropriate to share with larger audience through social media and here I go…

  • Yoga works on all aspects of one’s personality, The Pancha Koshas – Body, Energy, Mind, Intellect/Psyche, Soul. Gymnastics simply works on the body and mind to an extent.
  • Gymnastics is a marvelous and wonderful sport, but it is just that – a sport. Being a sport you can compete with others and reach greater heights. Yoga is not a sport to compete with others, but a discipline to dive deep within and reach great heights in life.
  • Yoga can help one to integrate the personality and enhance the quality of life. Gymnastics has no such goals.

Everything in its place and a Place for everything!

Let us enjoy Gymnastics, etc., as a sport, compete with others, excel and enjoy.

At the same time take to yoga in its own spirit, and not reduce or equal it to any other sport form, where you compete with others.

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