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JIVAM – JIva Vigyan Awareness Movement, is a bouquet of lectures and experiential workshops conducted in Educational institutions – schools, colleges, etc.; Residential complexes, colonies; corporate forums, etc., 

JIVAM aims to stimulate the thought process and bring to forefront, discussion on essential Life-SKILLS to be happily successful. The focus of these workshops and lectures is primarily on the relevance and application of ancient Indian wisdom and tools, in the modern day.

You may convene a lecture/workshop on one of the fifty topics provided below in any of the above forums you are part of.

JIVAM Lecture / Workshop themes

Introduction to Life-SKILLS Education

  1. Why and How of Life-SKILLS education?
  2. Seven Steps and Four Goals for being happily successful – The JivaVigyan Solution to Life-SKILLS education
  3. As a Parent/teacher – Are you a Sculptor or Farmer?
  4. Jiva-Vigyan for Kindergarten Parents
  5. Jiva-Vigyan for Primary school Parents
  6. Jiva-Vigyan for Middle school Parents
  7. Jiva-Vigyan for Secondary school Parents
  8. Jiva-Vigyan for Higher Secondary school Parents
  9. Jiva-Vigyan for Primary school Teachers
  10. Jiva-Vigyan for Middle school Teachers
  11. Jiva-Vigyan for Secondary school Teachers
  12. Jiva-Vigyan for Higher Secondary school Teachers

Personal Mastery – Physically Fit

  1. The IOER solution for being physically fit
  2. Discipline demystified
  3. Sports education for boys
  4. Fine-arts education for girls

Personal Mastery – Vitally Active

  1. Vitality Quotient – The Vital-Link for Success
  2. Managing Vitality
  3. E3 approach to Success

Personal Mastery – Mentally Strong

  1. Memory mystery
  2. Mastering the Head and Tail Emotions
  3. Smile-in-Stress
  4. The CMB approach to build a Positive Self-Image – The Indian Solution
  5. Enhancing Intelligence

Personal Mastery – Intellectually Sharp

  1. Intelligent Discrimination – The duality confusion
  2. My Beautiful Thought Garden
  3. Choices and Decisions
  4. When others don’t fall in line?
  5. Evolve in Problems

Personal Mastery – Spiritually Conscious

  1. The Bridge to Social Mastery – Oneness and Fullness
  2. Looking beyond Science… Spirituality in Personality development
  3. Life-stages and Goals
  4. Symbolism in Indian Culture

Social Mastery – Socially Responsible

  1. PMY – The five basic drivers of a successful person
  2. PMY – The mystery of Rights and Duties
  3. ABC of Yogic approach to Communication mastery
  4. Uthishta Bharatha – Awaken the leader within
  5. Teams work

Career Mastery

  1. The Goal Post
  2. SWAN – A self analysis tool
  3. Care for your child’s Career – Career planning approaches
  4. GGH approach to career choice
  5. Wealth & Money
  6. Money – the sixth sense
  7. Turning Point
  8. Will and Destiny
  9. Actions and Results
  10. Value and Valuing
  11. Taking 100% responsibility

Who conducts these workshops?

These lectures and workshops are conducted by Shri NKT. M. Jeyagopal and his team of teachers having expertise and experience in guiding lakhs of children and adults across various professions – teachers, parents, doctors, advocates, corporate, army men, sports personnel – players, coaches, referees, etc., over past couple of decades. Shri NKT. M. Jeyagopal has also helped people overcome dreadful diseases and illnesses including cancer.

What are Life-SKILLS?

World Health Organisation defines Life-SKILLS as abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. WHO has described 10 core life-skills – Self-awareness, Communication, Empathy, Interpersonal skills, Coping with stress, Coping with emotion, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Problem solving and Decision making as those primarily required for all.

While these skills define the broad outline, exact nature of life-skills has to be determined more clearly at a country or a local context by taking into consideration the social and cultural factors of the populace. India, with its rich history and world’s longest surviving culture developed around the scriptures is widely respected across the globe for its valuable contribution across domains – spirituality, ayurveda, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, science, trade, politics, arts and crafts and human evolution. This time tested wisdom from the world’s oldest and longest surviving tradition has universal applicability.

Ankur, through JIVAM, aims to revive this wisdom as a subject for drawing room discussion in every home, educational institute, corporate office and other forums.

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