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“Yoga is not a myth dug from the oblivion of the past, It is inheritance of the present and will be the culture of tomorrow.  Yoga will Be a mighty force, it will change the course of human history”

- Sri Swami Satyananda, 1963

You can convene a workshop or a lecture in any forum that you may be a part of and be a partner in reaching out this “AWAKENING CALL OF A GOLDEN YOGA TRADITION” to the people you know and wish them well.

A list of 50 topics is given here from which you can select one lecture for a group. We will be immensely delighted to host a program along with you, in your place.  Let peace, prosperity and plenty reside in your hearts, home and your neighbourhood.

Yoga for Children

  1. Yoga for children
  2. Education & Yoga
  3. Yoga for Youth
  4. Yoga for exceptional children
  5. Personality development & yoga
  6. Yoga of the Head-Heart & Hands
  7. Yoga in sports
  • Success – demystified
  • Personal effectiveness through yoga
  • Mind management through yoga
  • Yoga for professionals
  • Yogic management of stress disorders
  • Yogic management of chronic fatigue

Yoga & Spirituality

  1. Yoga for awakening the mind
  2. Kundaliini yoga – Truth & misconceptions
  3. Kriya Yoga
  4. Yoga & spirituality
  5. Guru & disciple
  6. Yoga – the awakening

Yogic management of health disorders

  1. Yoga Therapy – The promise
  2. Yoga for the Digestive System
  3. Yogic Management of hypertension
  4. Yoga for cardio vascular health
  5. Yoga for Asthma – Respiratory system
  6. Yoga for migraine
  7. Yogic management of insomnia
  8. Yoga for back pain
  9. Yoga for Arthritis and Rheumatism
  10. Yoga for obese
  11. Yoga for diabetics
  12. Yoga for women
  13. Yoga for menstrual disorders
  14. Yogic management of impotence & sterility
  15. Yogic management of constipation
  16. Yogic management of Hernia
  17. Yogic management of depression
  18. Yogic management of fear & anxiety
  19. Yoga and deaddiction
  20. Yoga for immune disorders

Yoga, a way of life

  1. Yoga in daily life
  2. Yoga for health
  3. Yoga & psychology
  4. Yoga in the modern world
  5. Paths of Yoga
  6. Emerging trends in yoga research
  7. Dynamics of Yoga

Yoga for parents & teachers

  1. Positive parenting through Yoga
  2. Developing and nourishing creativity
  3. ABC of Yoga education

What is ACOGYT?

ACOGYT – Awakening Call of Golden Yoga Tradition is an effort by Ankur’s alma mater – Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane to bring to each and every door in Chennai, the message of Bihar School of Yoga Tradition.

In 2013, Bihar School of Yoga (1963-2013) celebrated its golden jubilee which culminated in “The World Yoga Convention” from 23rd to 27th October. 24,000 people from 56 countries and 22 states of India participated in this celebration. This was just proof of the mass return of humanity to the grand tradition of Yoga!

In 1963 Bihar School of Yoga was founded by Sri Swami Satyananda as per his Guru’s mandate to take yoga from door to door and shore to shore. Bihar School of Yoga is serving humanity incessantly and has become a point of mass return of humanity towards a global yogic culture. The world tours of Sri Swami Satyananda in 1960s and 1980s won the hearts of millions of people across countries, culture, language, and affiliations. If today anyone in any corner of the world is practising, teaching or researching about yoga the credit largely goes to the parampara of Swami Sivananda.

Ankur is glad to join the efforts of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, Chennai to bring to you this message

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