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CBSE mandates 2-semester system from Class 6 to prepare students for board exams…

reports Hindustan Times.

While the decision of CBSE a couple of months ago to return back to the old pattern by scrapping the CCE pattern, it was widely perceived that “Holistic Education is out and rote learning system is back”. A good initiative was dropped, due to lack of proper intimation. Effective implementation of CCE pattern would have brought in the much needed reform and change in the education system in our country.

Yes… rote learning is back. But the above decision seems to raise hopes for focus on co-scholastics and holistic education as well. Hope, the CCE pattern will be re-introduced by CBSE in a gradual and step-by-step manner preparing teachers – who need to implement it at the school level for the same.

Introducing the principles and philosophy of CCE pattern, helping aspiring teachers to distinguish between examination and assessment as part of the B.Ed program, etc., would probably be the first steps to re-introduce CCE pattern, systematically and effectively. This could also form part of CPD for teachers.

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