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Sn. Shiva Rishi (NKT. M. Jeyagopal) is a yoga acharya from the Bihar School of Yoga. Spiritual luminaries like Swami Vishnu Devananda, Vethathri Maharishi, Guruji Mahan Paranjothiyar, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, have graced his life to transform himself.

He was dull witted, weak in intellect, with a distracted and dissipated mind, displeasure to teachers and elders. He felt a transformation creeping in when Yoga touched his life in 1988. Much to his surprise yoga brought about a universal transformation in him.

He is a keen believer and practitioner of Indian Vedic scriptures and granthas. He is the Founder of Satyananda Yoga Centre & Satyananda Yoga Education and Charitable Trust. He has the unique ability to transmit yogic wisdom to his disciples.

He has been instrumental in bringing more than forty thousand people into the fold of yoga. A powerful orator, since 1992, he has lectured on varied topics on self development and transformation. He has been the driving force to introduce yoga through schools. More than 100 schools in Chennai have benefitted out of his yoga experience. He guides the Satyananda Yoga program for children in DAV group of Schools in Chennai. He teaches yoga to special children in Mathuram Narayanan Centre. He is also the yoga trainer for the Tamilnadu Cricket Team and also at TNCA Academy. He conducts yoga based programs in Corporates as well as in the society in India and Indonesia.

With his vast experience in the field of Yoga and Self Development, particularly with school children, he plays a key role in devising various programs being offered through Ankur. He guides various life-skills and yoga integrated programs at Ankur.


S. L.Narasimham (Yessel)

S. L. Narasimhan (Yessel) is a passionate music archivist, compulsive music listener, discerning marketing strategist, technology solution provider, connoisseur of fine arts, Tamil theatre, literature and food.

During his professional career in advertising and marketing for about 12 years he came in contact with the industry which enabled him imbibe the corporate culture and methodology of handling people and money effectively.

His training includes communication skills, client handling, requirement gathering, imparting technical knowledge, sales closure, troubleshooting etc. With this experience and passion for technology, he started a technology company providing solutions for clients across India and overseas.

He took over the tradition of collecting music at the age of 15, and over the last 3 decades, has an enviable collection of the finest music of the work. Realising that technology is the future of for all fields he got himself involved with an online sharing portal to share his music collection. Yessel is now involved in digitally documenting the diminishing forms of Carnatic music and also our ancient scriptures involving eminent scholars. He is a founder trustee of Gaanapriya Foundation.


Anitha Jagathkar

Anitha Jagathkar has done her MA (Social Work), M.Sc (Zoology), B.Ed (Bio Science and English Methodology) and is pursuing her Ph.d in Leadership Sciences. She is trained by CfBT-UK on Project Management in Reading, UK and was a Training Coordinator for DSIB School Inspections training programme in Hyderabad in 2009.

She has been instrumental in strengthening the self-belief of SHG women in the Vidya Jyothi project, changing attitudes of the school leaders and teachers to embrace student centric methods and in converging various government departments to work for common good of government schools in Vidya Jyothi project schools. She has also been instrumental in bringing a paradigm shift in education practices of various school managers and teachers.

She has vast experience in Writing project proposals; Leading and managing projects; Evaluating education programs and writing assessment reports for innovative education initiatives; School inspections and accreditation; Conducting schools baseline study; Writing baseline reports and school improvement plans; Developing relevant content for Management training programmes, Teacher training programmes, Parent orientation programmes, and Community awareness programmes; and Conducting leadership training and teacher training programmes

She has knowledge of latest trends in Teaching and Learning Methodologies, Teacher Curriculum, Alternative education models and various state government initiatives for the education of underprivileged section of the society. She also has exposure to diverse curricula, innovations in education programs and project management techniques.

Dr. M. Sathiyaseelan

Dr. M. Sathiyaseelan is a retired Director of Physical Education in Loyola College. In a career spanning more than three decades, he has been an eminent basket ball player cum coach of national repute.

He believes that a physical education teacher inspires students by injecting the values of life through sports activities and prepares them to face the challenging world with confidence. He asserts that educational institutions recognize the contribution of sports and games to the total development of children. As a result, physical education professionals are better able to utilize their talents and services effectively.

His rich life-long experience in sports is brought to the reach of education community through the book ‘Redefining Sports Culture in Educational Institutions’. He emphasizes physical education professionals to upgrade their knowledge, skills and confidence by continuous learning and be assertive and visible in the educational institutions in their own way.

He earned his basic degree from Madura College, Madurai and all his professional degrees in physical education from the YMCA College of Physical Education, Chennai.