Attributes of a Good Life skills program

“Leave the world a better place than you found it” goes the saying…

Majority die incognito. Animals, birds, insects and plants die. If so does human, why to be born human, the one species with most abilities?

Indian view of Life-SKILLS are more than “abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life” as WHO describes.

Yes, the above is non-negotiable. But we as human beings should LIVE LIFE… NOT JUST EXIST !?!

We need to… not just deal with the demands and challenges and die incognito.

We need to EVOLVE as a human being to our full potential…

We need to leave a legacy behind…

We need to “Die a better person than we are born as”…

We need to “Leave the world a better place than we found it”…

We need Life-SKILLS to fulfill the above objectives.

And here are the ten attributes of any good life-skills program that help accomplish all the above…

  1. It works on all aspects of a human personality – Body, energy, mind, intellect, psyche and soul
  2. It is an inside-out process… works on the core of an individual
  3. It motivates one to be disciplined and take responsibility for his/her life
  4. It provides more than intellectual knowledge… practical and daily implementable tools to work with
  5. It empowers one with all the ten essential life-skills prescribed by WHO and more…
  6. It is all inclusive – has tools for people from all backgrounds and profiles
  7. It aids as a tool for personal discovery and self-transformation
  8. It integrates one harmoniously within and with the world around
  9. It makes one resourceful and “Happily Successful”
  10. It takes one towards the four goals anyone aspires for – Security, Pleasure, Harmony and Bliss

Jiva Vigyan is a Life-SKILLS program based on Ancient Indian Wisdom and has all the above attributes…

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